Series 2 – Kylie Motta

In the second series of the comedy web series ‘Meet the Mottas’, Motta Musician transitions into a woman creating issues and possible benefits within the Motta household.

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Episode 1

Motta Filmmaker and Motta Musician try to shoot a short film comedy film about celebrity chefs

Episode 2

Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest’ finds Motta Musician dressed as a woman in the studio

Episode 3

Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest’ with Motta Author and Motta Artist discuss Motta Musician transitioning and how being a woman in the arts could be a problem

Episode 4

Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest’ offends Motta Musician ‘Kylie’ after listening to her singing a version of Bob Dylan’s ‘Just Like A Woman’

Episode 5

A dip into the past when Motta Musician had a paranoid moment

Episode 6

Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest’ and Motta Filmmaker recollect Motta Musician and discuss Edinburgh festival winning jokes

Episode 7

Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest’ and Motta Musician ‘Kylie’ have a heart to heart on the bed

Episode 8

Motta Musician ‘Kylie’ and Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest’ go out for a bite to eat

Episode 9

Motta Musician ‘Kylie’ has a session with the therapist

Episode 10

Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest’ finds a dent in the Motta mobile and confronts Motta Musician ‘Kylie’ about it

Episode 11

Motta Musician ‘Kylie’, Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest and Motta Author appear on Gogglebox

Episode 12

Motta Comedian ‘The High Priest’ and Motta Musician discuss his de-transition over beans on toast

Episode 13

Motta Musician presents his new pro-gay rap song ‘Big Cock in my Shitbox’

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Meet the Mottas