Meet the Mottas Outtakes

A Selection of Meet the Motta videos that didn’t make it into the series

Outtake 1 – Jokes

The first Meet the Mottas video. Three Mottas talk jokes…

Outtake 2 – Hitler and Vegans

The Mottas talk about Vegans and Hitler

Outtake 3 – I blame the foreigners

Motta Musician plays a new song to 2 other Mottas about blaming foreigners for everything

Outtake 4 – The News (Almost)

A Meet the Motta Outtake about being inclusive when reading the news

Outtake 5 – The Birds and the Bees

Motta Musician tries to explain to his kids the birds and the bees

Outtake 6 – Conspiraloon

Motta Filmmaker talks conspiracy theories…

Meet the Mottas