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Motta the musician releases new acoustic political album titled 'Death By A Thousand Cuts'. Visit DBATC website to learn more...

Motta Unltd · Death By A Thousand Cuts

Motta Author releases new novel 'VIR(US)'

We got it wrong. Jesus Christ we got it so wrong. Why are we so unable collectively to learn from our mistakes? And so now here I am staring out of this small window hoping to see my wife and son on another plane amongst the thousand other metal birds that are almost touching wingtips as we all hang here suspended above the white cotton-wool clouds all a-glow from the bright intense ever-present sun. It’s beautiful up here, it really is. Absolutely stunning. You must be able to recall a moment when you have left the UK to go on a summer’s holiday, and as you leave the runway, invariably beneath thick dark clouds that adorn the British heavens, breaking through the grey oppressive ceiling all Brits have become accustomed to into a new world of warmth, the yellow saturation of the glowing fierce ball of fire installing and reinforcing that longed feeling of life away from the ineluctable monotony of the quotidian lifestyle, even if it is only for a few weeks a year. Freedom. No more journeys to work and stuck in traffic. No more listening to the petty office gossip. No more having to mentally fight the trappings. A momentary pause maybe, but a break nonetheless. Except this time we aren’t trying to escape our daily routines. The humdrum of life. The eat sleep repeat existence. In fact right now we would love to wake up to another dark dismal day. There would be nothing better than to fill our ears with the buzz of small talk, office politics and sex scandals. To be trapped in that existence right now would fill our lungs with songs of joy. No, this time we have taken to the skies because... The Earth is no longer habitable. The only way to stay alive was to literally fight to get on a plane and reach for the skies, but go where? There is simply nowhere to go, but up. And now we are up, when the fuel runs out, there is only one place left to go... down.

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